Going beyond net-zero

Albin Social is championing a Fediverse where service providers remove CO2 while people are using their servers.

The goal is to:

🔸 Reach net-zero by calculating, reporting and removing any unavoidable CO2 emissions for scope 1, 2 and 3. We’re already running our server on 100 % renewable electricity, but scope 1-3 include other types of emissions. Some of them are difficult to calculate.

🔸 Become climate-positive by removing extra CO2 from the atmosphere. Another phrase for climate-positive is CO2 negative. The plan is to use 5 % of gross revenue for CO2 removal

How do we plan to remove CO2 from the atmosphere?

We’re planning to use established service providers and marketplaces.

We aim for long term removals such as Direct Air Capture with permanent storage or Biochar from waste biomass. Example of companies that we may use: Puro.earth and Climeworks