Going beyond net-zero

We’re championing a Fediverse where service providers remove CO2 while people are using their servers.

Our Mastodon server

  • Mastodon.green is a general purpose Mastodon server for people in EU/EEA plus a few selected countries.
  • Posts can be written in any of our listed languages.
  • The service provider behind Mastodon.green is Albin Social, a micro company.
  • We’re based in EU

Mastodon.green goals

  1. A friendly community
  2. Climate-positive server: Emissions in scope 1, 2 and 3 are calculated, reported and removed so that we reach net-zero. On top of that we remove extra CO2, and report those removals. When we reach that goal we’ve become a climate-positive community. Another phrase for that is to be CO2 negative by removing more CO2e than we’re emitting.
  3. An economically- and technically stable server with the budget to provide and maintain a good service

How do we remove CO2 from the atmosphere?

We’re using established service providers and marketplaces.

We aim for long term removals such as Direct Air Capture with permanent storage or Biochar from waste biomass. Example of companies that we may use: Puro.earth and Climeworks