is a climate-friendly alternative to Twitter and Meta

✔️ No algorithm

✔️ No surveillance capitalism

✔️ No ads

✔️ Fediverse

✔️ European

✔️ Element chat rooms (if we can crowd-fund it)

✔️ CO2 removal

Our community

🔸 is a community for anyone living in the European Union (List of EU countries)

🔸 We’re federated with other Mastodon servers so you can connect with friends all over the world

🔸 You’re welcome to join us, no matter if you are interested in green topics or not

🔸 If you happen to be interested in sustainability, climate and nature then you can find like-minded people in our community

🔸 You only see posts from a company if you have actively searched for and followed that company

🔸 5 % of our gross revenue goes to CO2 removal

Who’s providing the service?

🔸 is provided by Albin Social, a one person company run by @JohanEmpa

🔸 Albin Social is aiming to go beyond net-zero