A climate-friendly Mastodon server

Plant trees and remove CO2 from the air while you use Mastodon.green

💚 How we’re different to big-tech apps

✔️ No surveillance capitalism

✔️ No algorithm

✔️ No ads

💚 Climate action

🔸 Planting trees

🔸 Removing CO2

🔸 Going beyond net-zero

💚 How Mastodon.green works

    🔸 Mastodon.green is a membership based server

    🔸 We use 20 % of membership fees to plant trees

    💚 Part of the Fediverse

    🔸 De-centralized

    🔸 Federated

    🔸 Open source

    💚 Small and friendly

    🔸 Operated by Albin Social, a one person company run by @JohanEmpa

    🔸Based in Germany

    💚 Fair funding

    🔸 Membership fees covers the cost of the server and climate action

    🔸 You get peace of mind knowing that you’re a club member, not a target for advertising

    💚 Our community

    🔸 You’re welcome to join Mastodon.green no matter if you are interested in green topics or not. You can post and talk about anything you want.

    🔸 If you happen to be interested in sustainability, climate and nature then you can find like-minded people on Mastodon.green

    💚 Free Membership

    🔸 Free memberships are subject to availability

    💚 Premium Membership

    🔸 Premium memberships are available from 1,50 € per month (on Patreon) and covers your use of the server as well as tree planting and CO2 removal.

    🔸 No commitments. Cancel any time.

    🔸 Membership is a manual process. Please send a message within Patreon or Steady and I reply with an invite link that lets you create an account on Mastodon.green. If you need assistance, please contact me on Mastodon @JohanEmpa@mastodon.green or on the e-mail address you find on https://mastodon.green/about


    Climate action – How do you plant trees?

    When there is 50 € to plant trees I’m buying them in the Ecosia Tree store, https://www.plant-for-the-planet.org/ or an equivalent provider.